New Client Gallery
Phew! Finally had a moment to update some of the pictures, Some are long time friends, but I didn't have the heart to remove them from the page. Check 'em out. They all tie for the cutest!

Griffin is very handsome boy... and
he knows it!

Smokey thinks there's nothing  better
beats an after walk treat

Looks like I found the sweet spot!
Kawzi has the face of an angel... but
he has a terrible secret!

Kawzi is a purse snooper!

Kawzi's brother Cimm does not
approve of such behavior.
Family members refused to comment

Brothers Aaron and brother love their breakfast!

Amstel is debating whether or not to
eat the treats... Yup! You know it. He
ate all of them :)

Imagine snuggling with Riley,

Taking 5. Casey is all tuckered out.

Zoe taking a feline bath after a lovely meal.

Shae just loves hanging out on the grass

Brian and our long time friend Max.

This elegant beauty is Rumple.

Such a perfect day for a walk!

Brian with our little buddy Max.

Baxter looks very chipper while checking things out

Awww... Remus and I at the dog park.

Silo looooooves to play,

Tom wishes I would hurry up and take
his picture. After all, there's serious walking to do.

Right in the middle of cuddles Maddie
couldn't resist taking a selfie,,,,
Ugg! Somehow I got in the picture.

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