New Client Gallery
Phew! Finally had a moment to update some of the pictures, Some are long time friends, but I didn't have the heart to remove them from the page. Check 'em out. They all tie for the cutest!

Griffin is very handsome boy... and
he knows it!

Shhhh,,, don't wake Henry, he's fast asleep!

Now that's a bigggg yawn from Beamer.

Never enough cuddles for Stubbie.

Shaylee vows to catch the red light one of these days. Hopefully, soon :)

Falkor likes to rest of the grass after a nice long walk.

Magnet is ready to play. Gotta get his toys quick!

Imagine snuggling with Riley,

Taking 5. Casey is all tuckered out.

Zoe taking a feline bath after a lovely meal.

Silly Kodi!

Earl Grey caught with his tongue out!
HaHa! Another kitty caught with their tongue out. This is Blanket.

Such a perfect day for a walk!

Brian with our little buddy Max.

Baxter looks very chipper while checking things out

Awww... Remus and I at the dog park.

Max... "I'm ready for breakfast"

Tom wishes I would hurry up and take
his picture. After all, there's serious walking to do.

Right in the middle of cuddles Maddie
couldn't resist taking a selfie,,,,
Ugg! Somehow I got in the picture.

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